US History

  1. 2. a belief system used to interpret the U.S. Constitution from the point of view of the intent of the document when it was originally written
  2. 4. the management and protection of natural resources
  3. 7. Immunodeficiency Virus- a virus that attacks the system in the human body that fights off illnesses
  4. 10. Reduction- the steps taken by a government to pay off debt
  5. 12. computer- an electronic device that processes data and is specifically designed for home use
  6. 16. a person whose religion requires them to recruit more believers
  7. 18. the main ruling government committee that made policy decisions in the Communist Party; often refers to those of China or the former Soviet Union
  8. 20. something that does not move or change
  9. 22. a government policy of open communication in the former Soviet Union
  10. 23. programs- a collection of programs provided by the state or federal government designed to prevent people from falling deeper into poverty
  1. 1. a government policy of reform in the former Soviet Union
  2. 3. the legal separation of the races in South Africa
  3. 5. a worldwide network of computers
  4. 6. economics- a financial theory in which tax rates are lowered for businesses and investors in the hope of boosting production and trade in the country
  5. 8. a person, usually within a political or special-interest group, who strictly supports a set of ideas or policies
  6. 9. Advocacy- a political showdown in 1962 between the United States and the Soviet Union caused by the presence of nuclear weapons in Cuba
  7. 11. inequality- an economic phenomenon in which a large gap exists between what the poorest and the richest citizens in a nation earn
  8. 13. the area in the northeastern and midwestern United States in which manufacturing has diminished significantly
  9. 14. Immunodeficiency Syndrome- The final stage of a virus that attacks the system in the human body that fights off illnesses
  10. 15. the act of repealing laws on a large scale and usually related to a particular industry
  11. 17. a government ruled by a religious leader or religious leaders
  12. 19. a military building used for sleeping quarters
  13. 21. Thank- a group of experts who conduct research and discuss issues in order to craft potential solutions to social and economic problems