US History

  1. 2. (711): the act of repealing laws on a large scale and usually related to a particular industry
  2. 3. Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) (719): The final stage of a virus that attacks the system in the human body that fights off illnesses
  3. 6. programs (709): a collection of programs provided by the state or federal government designed to prevent people from falling deeper into poverty
  4. 8. economics (710): a financial theory in which tax rates are lowered for businesses and investors in the hope of boosting production and trade in the country
  5. 10. Thank (705): a group of experts who conduct research and discuss issues in order to craft potential solutions to social and economic problems
  6. 11. (704): a member of a political party who believes in traditional value, social structure, and gradual change in policies
  7. 12. (713): something that does not move or change
  8. 16. (707): the area in the northeastern and midwestern United States in which manufacturing has diminished significantly
  9. 17. Reduction (731): the steps taken by a government to pay off debt
  10. 19. Advocacy (710): a political showdown in 1962 between the United States and the Soviet Union caused by the presence of nuclear weapons in Cuba
  11. 21. (729): government ruled by a religious leader or religious leaders
  12. 23. (720): the main ruling government committee that made policy decisions in the Communist Party; often refers to those of China or the former Soviet Union
  1. 1. (721): a person, usually within a political or special-interest group, who strictly supports a set of ideas or policies
  2. 4. (705): a person whose religion requires them to recruit more believers
  3. 5. (720): a government policy of open communication in the former Soviet Union
  4. 7. (713): a belief system used to interpret the U.S. Constitution from the point of view of the intent of the document when it was originally written
  5. 9. (717): the worldwide network of computers
  6. 13. (715): the legal separation of the races in South Africa
  7. 14. Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) (719): a virus that attacks the system in the human body that fights off illnesses
  8. 15. Computer (716): an electronic device that processes data and is specifically designed for home use
  9. 18. inequality (711): an economic phenomenon in which a large gap exists between what the poorest and richest citizens in a nation earn
  10. 20. (720): a government policy of reform in the former Soviet Union
  11. 22. (714): a military building used for sleeping quarters