US History

  1. 2. Sioux religious awakening movement that they believed would drive white people away
  2. 4. belief that women should have more rights and education so that they can teach their sons and aide their husbands
  3. 6. Act that gives elderly people a pension
  4. 9. a state has the legal right to declare a law null and void within its borders
  5. 10. Form of transportation that connected the east and west coast
  6. 11. A law in the Compromise of 1850 that required authorities to returned escaped and runaway slaves in the north to the south
  7. 15. Anti-immigrant party formed from some former Whigs and unhappy northern democrats
  8. 16. agreement for bicameral legislature where the house is proportional and the senate is per state
  9. 20. Idea that white Americans were called by God to expand westward
  1. 1. Supreme court case that said that slaves had no rights and called the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, meaning he wasn't actually free
  2. 3. Included the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the expansion of the Freedman's Bureau. Time after the civil war when a group of officeholders led racial changes
  3. 5. Type of journalism where journalists would expose corrupt business practices and poor working conditions
  4. 7. Name for program where supplies were delivered to Berlin while the Soviet Union blocked all other western contact
  5. 8. US wouldn't allow further European colonization of the western hemisphere
  6. 12. General term for racially discriminatory laws passed after the civil war
  7. 13. Questionable Act where speech against the country was prohibited to help the war effort during WWI
  8. 14. Shantytowns that were named after a president
  9. 17. US pacific war strategy in WWII that skipped some islands and focused on others
  10. 18. Mass movement of African Americans from the south to the North
  11. 19. Convention in New York where women demanded legal rights and equality