US History

  1. 7. where the final battle of the revolutionary war took place
  2. 10. a phrase used to describe a common punishment the colonists had given to British tax collectors
  3. 11. German mercenaries
  4. 12. well known for his famous midnight ride
  5. 13. "Lexington and _____"
  6. 17. "No taxation without _______"
  7. 18. women excelled at this form of spying
  1. 1. the famous three words on a revolutionary war graphic made during the French and Indian War
  2. 2. "Outgunned, outplanned, outnumbered ______"
  3. 3. a nickname for the colonists used by loyalists
  4. 4. The famous future president who defended the British during the case of the Boston Massacre
  5. 5. The second unalienable right listed in the Declaration of Independence
  6. 6. The building in which the 2nd Continental Congress met
  7. 8. head chief of writing the Declaration of Independence
  8. 9. where the continental army was stationed for six months
  9. 14. The negative word used to describe the rule of King George III
  10. 15. acts made by the British government as a retaliation to the Boston tea party
  11. 16. The man who was off charming the French into joining the colonists' side