US history

  1. 3. a dude who would blame people for something they didn’t do and everyone would turn against them.
  2. 6. US gave aid to European countries that were not Communist.
  3. 7. a line of latitude.
  4. 9. too many people were born after WW2
  5. 12. a whole line two miles wide that was heavily armed between north and south korea.
  6. 13. stop the spread of communism.
  7. 15. a nuke that was 67x more powerful than fat man.
  8. 16. the southern vietnamese who wanted communism.
  9. 21. No more war crimes.
  10. 22. Ruler of China and made them Communist.
  11. 23. a loss and victory for America.
  12. 26. people in west Germany flew supplies over to west Germany because they didn’t get anything from Russia.
  13. 27. Germany was split into four occupational zones.
  14. 29. Promoted almost going to war with USSR
  1. 1. countries geologically separated from USSR but were communists.
  2. 2. Orange chemical we used to ruin the lives of many.
  3. 4. Russia was putting nukes on cuba and we didn’t like it.
  4. 5. we were in Korea, and basically no one had made advances.
  5. 8. A thing to protect allied countries from communism.
  6. 10. A way for countries to talk about their problems
  7. 11. America was scared of communism invading.
  8. 12. if one country becomes communist nearby countries will too.
  9. 14. a man and his wife who were falesly accused of murder and were killed for it.
  10. 17. the leader of south korea during korean war.
  11. 18. we wanted Fidel dead, so we trained a bunch of people and they failed miserably.
  12. 19. Russia put up a wall in the middle of Berlin.
  13. 20. Helped any free people resisting communism.
  14. 24. an imaginary wall that split east and west Germany.
  15. 25. House un american activities commity
  16. 28. the first thing in space
  17. 30. was an alliance between the soviet union and Europe.