US History

  1. 2. theory if one nation falls to communism all will
  2. 4. presidential policy to cut deficit spending and taxes to fix the economy
  3. 5. the US gave its WW2 allies materials and supplies
  4. 9. Awakening religious revival in the 1730s which united the colonists
  5. 10. English philosopher who coined idea of a social contract
  6. 12. Amendment gave women the right to vote
  7. 15. Doctrine warned European powers not to interfere in US business
  8. 16. allegations against alleged communists in the government and other institutions
  9. 18. Falls gathering of women to gain womens' rights
  1. 1. Proclamation freed all slaves in states that had seceded
  2. 3. the government's hands-off policy towards businesses and the economy
  3. 6. journalists who wrote to exposure corruption in established institutions
  4. 7. Panthers African American revolutionary group inspired by Malcolm X
  5. 8. first successful settlement in colonial America
  6. 11. Destiny divine right to settle the land from coast to coast
  7. 13. Sense a pamphlet by Thomas Paine that criticized monarchies
  8. 14. the Nixon scandal in which a break-in was covered up by Nixon administration
  9. 17. describes the powers of the government and the rights of the people
  10. 18. security is a government program that provides aid in the form of money to elderly people
  11. 19. Missile Crisis Soviet Union placing their weapons in Cuba to threaten the US