US history

  1. 2. one's own nation and support for it's interest especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.
  2. 4. an american religious leader & politician.
  3. 7. the acquisition of the territory of Louisiana by the USA from France.
  4. 14. people who left their homes in search of gold
  5. 16. proposal to prohibit slavery in the territory acquired by the US at the conclusion of the Mexican war.
  6. 17. a 2,000 mile route from Missouri to Oregon.
  7. 18. father of the America industrial revolution.
  8. 19. the name of Texas when it was not part of the USA or Mexico.
  9. 22. transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe to USA.
  10. 23. first women's right convention.
  11. 24. father of the Common school.
  12. 25. an idealist philosophical and social movement.
  13. 26. the idea that the american had the the god right to expand in the west.
  14. 27. protestant religious revival
  15. 28. she created the 1st generation of american mental asylum.
  16. 29. leader of the Texas revolution.
  17. 30. authorized the president to negotiate with southern native American tribes for their removal.
  1. 1. movement who sought to end the Atlantic slave trade .
  2. 3. suies of forced relocation of Native Americans in the USA from their ancestral homelands. Whigs: a political party active in the US in the middle of 19 century, alongside the Democratic party.
  3. 5. 12th president of the USA.
  4. 6. treaty of peace between the USA and the Mexican republic.
  5. 8. a abolitionist women's right activist.
  6. 9. he led a 2 day rebellion of both enslaved and free black people.
  7. 10. inventor of the cotton gin.
  8. 11. instrumental in bringing the industrial revolution to the USA.
  9. 12. an american soldier and statesman who served as the seventh president of the USA
  10. 13. a United States policy of opposing European colonialism.
  11. 15. identical parts that can be easily mass produced and replaced.
  12. 20. an armed conflict between the USA and Mexico.
  13. 21. association of workers formed to protect and further their rights and interest.