US History

  1. 1. Movement addressed issues of American societies beliefs and morals
  2. 3. Crow laws put in place to enforce separate but equal
  3. 5. Clause a provision that allows people or entities to follow old rules that once governed their activity instead of newly implemented ones
  4. 7. National advancement of colored people
  5. 9. Du Bois He was a historian, author, and civil rights, activist.
  6. 12. B. Anthony women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement
  7. 14. laws restricted on who can work (age ect.)
  8. 15. Amendment right for women to vote
  9. 17. Movement political environmental movement meant to protect land, animals, and other things in the future.
  1. 2. the right to vote in political elections
  2. 4. B. Wells an American investigative journalist, major leader in the civil rights movements
  3. 6. Movement secret meeting near Niagra falls led by W.E.B Du Bois about full civil liberties.
  4. 8. v. Ferguson came up with separate but equal
  5. 10. Journalists who established leaders as corrupt
  6. 11. the action of setting something or someone apart
  7. 13. T. Washington dominant leader in the African American community. Also an American educator and journalist.
  8. 15. Amendment direct election of senators to represent each state
  9. 16. tax tax levied on all adults