US History

  1. 1. Term for the south’s reliance on slavery
  2. 4. Never ending or occurring repeatedly
  3. 6. The belief that the expansion of the United States westward, towards The Pacific Ocean was ordained by God in order to civilize and Democratize
  4. 7. The rebuilding of the former Confederate states after the Civil War
  5. 9. incorporating a territory within the domain of another country
  6. 11. To formally charge a public official with misconduct in office
  7. 12. A military blockade of a city or fortified place to force it into surrendering
  8. 14. An act of rebellion
  9. 16. during the years prior to the Civil War: the idea that people living in a territory would have the right to vote themselves to decide whether or not the territory would allow slavery
  10. 17. verb; formal withdrawal from a political alliance, federal union, or political organization
  1. 2. The act of putting something into action; the ceremony that marks the beginning of a 4 year presidential term
  2. 3. The intent or desire to do evil
  3. 5. The division of the country along regional lines over a particular issue
  4. 8. The process of freeing enslaved persons
  5. 10. noun; the action of withdrawing from a political alliance, federal union, or political organization
  6. 13. During war it’s the act of wearing down by constant attack
  7. 15. A set of laws that regulated slavery and defined the relationship Between enslaved Africans and free whites