1. 1. The Manifest Destiny stated that the US would expand its territory all the way to the ___ Ocean.
  2. 3. The Northern states of the US wanted to abolish it but the Southern states did not.
  3. 5. First English settlement in what is now the US.
  4. 8. Last name of the first president of the US.
  5. 10. ___ was dumped into the ocean by angry colonists at the Boston Tea Party.
  6. 12. Territory bought from France by the US.
  7. 13. The ___ defeated Great Britain in the battle of New Orleans.
  8. 14. Lost the war against the British in the 7-Year War.
  9. 16. As a result of the ___-American War, Mexico lost more than 55% of its territory.
  1. 2. As a result of the American ___ War, slavery was abolished in the US.
  2. 4. In 1898, the US became an ___, when it became interested in controlling other nations.
  3. 6. Territory that became independent from Mexico and then became part of the US.
  4. 7. Created the Stamp Act to recoup some percentage of the cost of the 7-Year War.
  5. 9. Florida belonged to this country before becoming part of the US.
  6. 11. This territory was bought from Russia and became the largest state in the US.
  7. 15. As a result of the Spanish-American War, the US took control of ____.