US History

  1. 3. Amendment gave African American men the right to vote
  2. 5. Papers Essays written by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay to support the ratification of the Constitution
  3. 7. Constitution a document outlining the basic form and rule of the U.S. government.
  4. 9. Carta major ideas found in the US constitution of limiting the power to tax and right to a fair trail
  5. 10. of Versailles Treaty that ended WWI
  6. 11. Amendment provided direct election of senators
  7. 13. of Rights First ten amendments to the constitution
  8. 14. Amendment ended poll taxes
  9. 15. Bill of Right foundation of American government for freedoms such as freedom of speech and trial by jury.
  1. 1. of Confederation Document which formed the first government of the U.S. near the end of the American revolution. States had more power than the national government.
  2. 2. points Peace plan issued by Wilson that called for the freedom of the seas
  3. 3. Amendment created graduated income tax
  4. 4. of Independence written mostly by Jefferson to list the grievances (complaints) against Great Britain and to declare independence from Great Britain
  5. 6. Doctrine Declaration by Truman to economically assist any country fighting Communism after WWI
  6. 8. Amendment all citizens born in the US get citizenship
  7. 11. Amendment gave women right to vote
  8. 12. Amendment gave freedom to slaves in all states
  9. 14. Amendment The right of 18 year olds to vote