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  1. 5. The name of Valentine’s grandfather
  2. 6. The name of the author of the count of monte Cristo
  3. 8. What Dantes fortune from abbe faria was in (ex: food, treasure, time, etc)
  4. 10. the name of the Englishman who is one of the count of monte Cristos alter egos
  5. 11. Where Valentine was set to spend her afterlife when she was pronounced dead (not lieral place on the map but a type of burial option)
  6. 12. The country where the comc meets Albert
  1. 1. the reasoning behind Dantes imprisonment was (adjective starting with "u")
  2. 2. Name of the prison Dantes was kept in
  3. 3. The name dantes uses as his signature for his anonymous gift to morrel
  4. 4. The name of Dantes friend in the Chateau d'If
  5. 7. the name of Valentine's Mother and monsiour de villeforts first wife
  6. 9. the title given to family through marriage (ex mother...)