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  1. 7. From which language is the name Valentine derived
  2. 9. People from which profession receives the most Valentine’s day cards.
  3. 10. Which bird is a symbol of Valentine’s day
  4. 12. Which other colour along with Red is considered as the ‘Colours of Love’
  5. 13. Who invented the first Valentine’s day candy box
  6. 15. Which country has banned the celebration of Valentine’s day
  7. 16. Which fruit is also known as the ‘love apple’
  8. 17. Who is the roman God of Love
  9. 18. How many US states have the city named ‘Valentine’
  10. 19. In how many countries is Valentine’s day an official public holiday
  1. 1. Who did Cupid fall in love with
  2. 2. Which hormone does Love produce in our body.
  3. 3. Love is considered to be what?
  4. 4. What does the word ‘Valentine’ actually mean
  5. 5. Where is the ‘Vein of Love’ present in our body, that runs straight to the heart
  6. 6. What was Saint Valentine’s profession
  7. 8. ‘Butterflies in the stomach’ is caused by what?
  8. 11. The world famous lovers ‘Romeo and Juliet’ resided in which city
  9. 14. What does the O in the XOXO stand for
  10. 17. Which is considered the most popular gift on Valentine’s day