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Valentine's day

  1. 3. Figure that is used to express love
  2. 4. The item Cupid uses to make people fall in love with each other
  3. 6. Most popular food related gift on Valentine's day
  4. 7. The colour most associated with Valentine and love.
  5. 9. You write a sweet message on this for you Valentine
  6. 12. Valentine is named after a Christian .... (holy person)
  7. 13. The strong emotional bond two people can feel when they are with each other
  1. 1. When you give something to someone it is called a...?
  2. 2. Valentine takes place in the month of...?
  3. 5. Valentine is celebrated on the day (Number)
  4. 6. The Roman god associated with Valentine
  5. 8. Which type of bird is typical for love and Valentine's day
  6. 10. Flower that is typically gifted on Valentine's day
  7. 11. The item Cupid gets displayed with