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Valentines day

  1. 2. You would look like a ________ if you ask her to be your Valentine and she says no.
  2. 5. She knew he wanted her to be his Valentine so she _________ away before he could approach her. (ed)
  3. 9. She received no Valentine’s Day cards leaving a __________in her heart.
  4. 10. The girl was ________ to give the boy a Valentine’s Day card, because then he would know she liked him.
  5. 12. The girl _______ her Mom to allow her to go to the Valentine’s Day dance. (s)
  6. 13. He hated Valentine’s Day so much he wanted to _______ the holiday.
  7. 15. His ________ idea to ask Sarah to be his Valentine was adorable, it was impossible for anyone to be able to copy him.
  8. 16. Gaby has a lot of ________, and that’s why all the boys are fighting to ask to be their Valentine.
  9. 18. Come celebrate a ___________ Valentine’s Day party!
  10. 19. She will be ___________ if you ask her to be your Valentine, for she would rather not get asked. (ed)
  11. 20. I have ______ through the selection of Valentine’s Day cards to pick the very best one! (ed)
  1. 1. Maddie’s Valentine was _________, she tried to figure out who gave her the cute card all day.
  2. 3. I'm so _________ doing this crossword puzzle for Valentine's Day. (ed)
  3. 4. The cute, _______ Valentine’s Day card made the girl very happy.
  4. 6. Vanessa had a sense of __________, because it was the end of Valentine’s Day, and still no one had asked her to be their Valentine.
  5. 7. At the Valentine’s Day party there were candles and ________ torches to give off light.
  6. 8. There is not a ______ of doubt that Caro won’t get a Valentine’s Day card.
  7. 11. He was ________ an invitation to the Valentine’s Day party, for it was coming up and he still didn’t have a date.
  8. 14. The _________ gift for Valentine’s Day is chocolates.
  9. 17. Here’s a _______ of how the Valentine’s dance is going to be.