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Valentine's Day

  1. 2. The percent of women that send themselves flowers on Valentines Day
  2. 4. Who buys most of the gifts
  3. 5. Invented the first Valentines Day candy box in the late 1800s
  4. 6. the “home town” of the patron saint of Valentines Day
  5. 8. The number of heart shaped chocolate boxes sold(millions)
  6. 9. This is what physicians suggested that heart broken patients eat for a broken heart
  7. 12. The day Alexander Graham Bell applied for his patent on the telephone
  8. 13. the amount of chocolate bought for Valentines Day(dollars)
  1. 1. The number of stems of roses sold in the US (millions)
  2. 3. Where the oldest surviving love poem till date is written
  3. 7. The number of countries in the world that celebrate Valentines Day
  4. 10. Women buy this percent of all valentines
  5. 11. the name of the saint that the holiday is named after
  6. 13. the type of holiday Valentine’s Day is