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Valentines Crossword

  1. 3. to "lock lips"
  2. 4. a type of love where you are only friends
  3. 8. a famous love movie that takes place on a boat
  4. 10. what you are if you're planning to be married
  5. 11. a good-smelling present for someone on Valentine's Day
  6. 13. a word for somebody you think is pretty
  7. 14. common present to give somebody on Valentine's Day
  8. 15. you ask someone on one of these if you like them
  9. 16. when you secretly like someone
  10. 18. part of body that represents love
  11. 19. Shakespeare's famous play about a couple in love
  12. 20. verb for when you get down on one knee and ask someone to marry you
  1. 1. playfully teasing someone who you like
  2. 2. a word for somebody you think is good-looking
  3. 5. what you say to somebody you love
  4. 6. when you wrap your arms around someone
  5. 7. A year after, on the exact day you start dating someone is called...
  6. 9. a word for somebody you think is good-looking
  7. 12. a ceremony where two people are united in love
  8. 17. John and I just got married, next week we are going to Italy for our __________