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Vampire Diaries

  1. 3. it links the world with the other side
  2. 4. as a vampire you should have one if you don't want to get burnt during the day
  3. 7. Stefan got this "cool property" from his mom and people remain without head..literally
  4. 10. weapon against the werewolves
  5. 11. the key to the prison worlds (object)
  6. 12. first vampires
  1. 1. you can find this problemsolver anytime at the Salvatore house
  2. 2. it contains spells
  3. 5. you as a werewolf die with Klus' blood in your system then you get some doppelganger blood and you become a...
  4. 6. one of the "gifts" that comes with vampirism
  5. 8. you should have this if you don't want to be compelled
  6. 9. if you notice that sometimes you're not "you", you should get that magic knife and stab yourself because there is a... in you