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Vampire Diaries

  1. 2. BONUS QUESTION: Who turned Vicky into a Vampire?
  2. 6. Who would Elena never let beat her?
  3. 7. Who once gave Elena Vampire blood to try and save her?
  4. 9. Who is Klaus and Elijah's sister?
  5. 11. Who tried to stop Ethan turning a girl into a Vampire?
  6. 12. Who kidnapped Elena and tried to drain her blood several times?
  1. 1. Who is the first person to clearly dislike Stefan?
  2. 3. Who dies at the same time as Elena?
  3. 4. Who turned Caroline into a Vampire?
  4. 5. BONUS QUESTION: Who sacrificed himself to Klaus to spare Elena and Jenna's life?
  5. 8. BONUS QUESTION: Who stabbed herself to free Stefan from Klaus's evil curse?
  6. 10. Who helps Elena in her hour of need when Klaus is trying to turn her into a Vampire because he has mixed her up with Katherine?