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Vanlentines Day Poem

  1. 3. When you like someone
  2. 4. Something you feel when you really like someone
  3. 6. A flower used to give to someone you like
  4. 8. A set of words
  5. 9. Something you give to someone you like
  6. 10. What a boy would call the girl he is dating
  7. 13. A baby that is said to shoot arrows at people to make them fall in love
  8. 14. When two lips touch
  1. 1. A candy you usually give to someone you like
  2. 2. What a girl would call the boy she is dating
  3. 4. A thing you call people in love
  4. 5. A bird that is used to symbolize love
  5. 7. A shape used a lot on Valentines day
  6. 11. The month Valentines day is in
  7. 12. A color used in valentines day a lot