Vegetables of Every Color

  1. 2. Grown underground and added to salads, boiled, or baked in cakes. Orange, long, and crunchy!
  2. 4. A fungi you can eat - what a fun time! Put them on pizza, eat them as a “burger,” or stuff them!
  3. 5. Little trees that some people eat with melted cheese!
  4. 6. Don’t bury your eggs in the ground and expect a plant to grow!
  5. 8. Leafy and green. Make it into salad, chips, and everything in between!
  6. 9. Bake, boil, and fry - the possibilities are endless. Eat them with any meal of the day, but if they start to sprout and get squishy, you should throw them away!
  1. 1. Some look like zucchini, others you can use as spaghetti. Some grow in the summer, and some grow in the winter.
  2. 3. Make salsa, pizza sauce, or add it to a hamburger. Sometimes, it's also known as a fruit!
  3. 5. Yellow, spicy, and crisp. It has a fruit in its name, but they don’t taste the same.
  4. 7. Might make your breath smell funny, but will make your meals so tasty! Eat it with butter on bread as a side for your spaghetti! A little goes a long way.