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Vehicle Suspension Systems

  1. 2. When braking hard, what vehicle movement will occur?
  2. 4. If something is operated by gas it is considered what?
  3. 7. What type of suspension offers a self-levelling quality?
  4. 8. What protects the vehicle damper piston from debris scoring it?
  5. 9. The most common type of hydraulic damper is what?
  6. 10. If a metal has the ability to rust, what must it contain?
  7. 11. Weight that is held up by the vehicle suspension is considered?
  8. 14. What must you always wear in the workshop?
  9. 18. One symptom of a broken coil spring would be excessive tread wear, what is another?
  10. 19. What road spring must have a shackle?
  1. 1. If something is operated by fluid it is considered what?
  2. 3. The movement a spring creates if not dampened?
  3. 5. If each wheel acts independently the suspension is considered what?
  4. 6. What does the coil spring do when under load?
  5. 7. What component tries to reduce body roll?
  6. 12. A component which stops metal on metal contact when the spring is fully compressed.
  7. 13. What must be used when striping down a Macphersons strut?
  8. 15. A type of road spring which twists under load.
  9. 16. What is the most common type of road spring?
  10. 17. One disadvantage of solid suspension is?