1. 3. is the form of the verb which serves to express the manner in which the action is regarded.
  2. 5. these verbs do not admit of the continuous dorm.
  3. 8. these verbs require some other words to complete their meaning.
  4. 10. these are verbs that imply a limit beyond which the action cannot continue.
  5. 13. you can build up a new form of these verbs by adding suffix -ed.
  6. 15. these verbs do not imply any such limit of the action.
  1. 1. this form of the verb consists of two words - a structural and a notional word.
  2. 2. verbs which admit of the continuous form.
  3. 4. this is a grammatical category showing the relation of the action and its doer to the speaker.
  4. 6. this is the form of the verb which indicates the time of the action.
  5. 7. these are verbs that have their own independent syntactic function in the sentence.
  6. 9. these verbs do not usually have their own meaning and they cannot have an independent syntactic function in the sentence.
  7. 11. these verbs have 3 forms that you have to remember.
  8. 12. it is the usual function of the verb in the sentence.
  9. 14. a part of speech denoting actions.