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Video Games

  1. 2. Graphical interface for the gamer to interact with the computer program onscreen.
  2. 3. A person who plays games.
  3. 6. A powerful character that a player will face and must defeat at the end of a level.
  4. 7. Special codes that allow you to bypass the normal limitations of a game.
  5. 8. A category characterized by a particular style, form, or content.
  6. 10. A type of game in which remaining undetected is one of the main features.
  7. 12. A string of moves that can be executed in rapid succession.
  8. 13. Hardware device sometimes used to manipulate characters in a game.
  9. 14. A sample playable demonstration of a game that is intended to entice the player to purchase the full version.
  10. 15. Games that attempt to accurately depict situations and experiences one might have in the real world.
  11. 17. An unexperienced player.
  12. 18. Owned, beaten, defeated. Originated from a typo of "owned".
  1. 1. Mario's brother in the popular Nintendo games series.
  2. 4. Maker of the X-Box game console.
  3. 5. A game in which the gamer takes on the part of a character.
  4. 6. A nearly complete prototype of a game.
  5. 7. A system dedicated to playing video games.
  6. 9. A term that describes the level of detail in a game's graphics.
  7. 11. A public space filled with stand-alone game machines, commonly seen in the 1980s and early 1990s.
  8. 16. Online games that can be played simultaneously with other gamers throughout the world.