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Video games

  1. 2. I love green and my brother loves red
  2. 4. being sneaky and fighting badguys is what I do. I use the gadgets in my belt to fight
  3. 7. I fight aliens in a suit in outer space. I also have a gun for a arm
  4. 8. superfast and loves golden rings
  5. 12. round, pink and fluffy
  6. 13. Im a small little guy that gets big and small. My name rhymes with snack
  7. 14. I have a blockhead and build things
  1. 1. me and my 3 buddies love to shoot bubbles
  2. 3. mushrooms make me stronger and I have a mustache
  3. 5. a gorilla that loves to throw barrels
  4. 6. we race cars and shoot turtleshells
  5. 7. not only is it a party but its a __________!the princess and everybody is coming
  6. 8. I swing around fighting badguys in the city
  7. 9. bandicoot boogooblah
  8. 10. we are different animals that fight and have powers. who do you choose?
  9. 11. I am the king of badguys and I have cool spikes down my back. buah ha ha!