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video games

  1. 3. there is a imposter that you have to finding your crew
  2. 4. a fps shooter popularly known in the gaming community
  3. 5. a game that you have to overcome obstacles and qualify in time
  4. 7. a racing game made by Nintendo
  5. 12. a soccer game but with a twist there not players there cars
  6. 13. the most famous 2d side scroller made by Nintendo
  7. 15. 100 player battler royal
  1. 1. a 2d fighting side scroller
  2. 2. one of the best basketball series in the video game history
  3. 6. a game where you live in the city of los santos
  4. 8. a game when all Nintendo characters go at it in a brawl
  5. 9. just people going oof
  6. 10. one of the best football game series
  7. 11. a game based in the western time made by rockstar games
  8. 14. a world that world of creativity and survival