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video games

  1. 1. A fighting game full of Nintendo characters
  2. 3. a party game you can play with friends
  3. 7. an open world adventure game where the main character has to save the world form a bad guy named ganon
  4. 9. a survival game on a planet of only water
  5. 12. a game where you live on an island and build upon it
  6. 13. a classic card game turned in to a video game
  7. 14. a classic lego game
  8. 15. a Mario game where you can make your own levels
  9. 17. a game of soccer
  10. 18. a game where you partake in different winter events
  11. 20. a game where you skateboard all over the place and do cool tricks
  12. 22. a playstation exclusive platforming game
  13. 23. the newest 3D Mario game
  14. 24. a game of hockey
  1. 2. a game of soccer but with cars
  2. 4. an xbox exclusive racing game
  3. 5. A game filled with Nintendo characters that race cars
  4. 6. a 100 player game of different mini games and last one standing wins
  5. 8. a game where you have to save 4 princess from bad guys you can also play with friends
  6. 10. A game of basketball
  7. 11. a puzzle game that has rag doll physics you can play with friends
  8. 16. a game where you catch animals and fight with them
  9. 19. a puzzle game that uses portals
  10. 21. a game made up of blocks