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Video Games Expanded

  1. 4. you and brain is solve
  2. 5. Through the fire and the flames we cook on!
  3. 6. I spent more time planning my build than playing the game.
  4. 9. "A great game to play while reading a book" -QM
  5. 10. Building a guild is fun, but none of us like grinding enough to enable it.
  6. 11. A game whose neglect is only eclipsed by its mediocrity.
  7. 12. That sounds like something a synth would say
  8. 13. Where the game is the training, but the training is the story.
  9. 16. You don't have to outspeed them, just outspeed your friends
  10. 18. These teddy bears will not help you sleep.
  11. 22. Objectively the best star wars game, don't @ me
  12. 24. "Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer"
  13. 25. Lego for millennials
  14. 26. Can't be noticed if there is nobody to notice
  15. 29. An alcoholic rock enthusiast's favorite game
  16. 32. Timey-wimey Cthulhu trees threaten humanity
  17. 33. Sequel: "When it is ready" Me: /cry
  18. 38. For when nobody has any energy to play anymore but its too early to sleep
  19. 39. Dress up, but with dragons
  20. 40. "Assassin ri- and its dead." -Zephir, usually
  21. 41. Everytime I try to play this game, I get captured by bandits within the first 10 minutes
  22. 43. Time moves as fast as you do.
  23. 48. Dinosaurs and bugs
  24. 50. I can't stop running and gunning
  25. 52. Just because you are fighting for it, does not mean everyone possess it.
  26. 53. What people who don't work call bank-robbing
  27. 54. PvE zombie battle royale
  28. 55. "Oh no. Thery're here. The AI has come to destroy us all."
  29. 59. I have been conditioned to shoot every bush.
  30. 60. If they can port it to everything, it can be on here twice.
  31. 62. "I'm not addicted, I can stop whenever I want"-Half of Shenanigans
  32. 64. I'm an ice mage, so why is there is fire EVERYWHERE!?
  33. 65. You only die twice, supposedly.
  34. 67. Would you be interested in a trade agreement with England?
  35. 68. That game that seemingly scarred half of the humboldt kids.
  36. 70. Just some bros on a road-trip
  37. 72. The standard by which robotic companions/antagonists have been judged by for almost 15 years
  38. 78. Will you purge the xeno, or will the xeno purge you?
  39. 79. git good
  40. 80. "What color is the-*BOOM*"
  41. 81. Where the blimp is always on fire, and someone just fell off.
  42. 82. Watch as your friend misses his shot and gets your whole team killed
  43. 84. It's tag with extra steps
  44. 85. "What if I had a gun, that shot other guns?" -Jinx
  45. 86. Dynasty Warriors, but its medieval knights playing dominion
  46. 87. Savage Lands 2.0
  47. 88. That mage game we all said was really cool and then never played again
  48. 89. "I made 3 tanks just to kill that sniper" -QM probably
  49. 90. diarrhea-powered deer make for a good escape vehicle
  50. 91. "If I can't reach the goal, nobody can"
  1. 1. For people who like giant robots and artillery
  2. 2. Pleasedontbeaswordpleasedontbeaswordpleasedontbeasword
  3. 3. "Here's the wind-up!"-Obnoxious shotgun guy
  4. 7. Minecraft, but in space.
  5. 8. tactical drones
  6. 14. "What does that phrase mean anyway?" -Everyone after playing it
  8. 17. Competitive dating sim
  9. 19. Not to be played when your group has different ideas of 'clean'
  10. 20. "Commander,the world is about to explode, fix it."
  12. 23. One of many exhibits on why QM does not get to drive.
  14. 28. I may have killed *everyone* and spread the plague, but i got revenge, so it was #worthit
  15. 30. Even that small indie company can't get me to play hearthstone
  16. 31. "Alrght everyone, hop on, I think i've got this flying thing down now." -The Wizard, who got all three killed seconds later.
  17. 34. I think that for once they were serious about this one being the last update.
  18. 35. If Edgar Allen Poe had made minecraft.
  19. 36. "Ah yes, I remember, I should push the arrow *through* myself to get it out!" - A dead idiot
  20. 37. I do not know why I am here, all I know is i want that gun.
  21. 42. Everyone in the game has been blinded for 30 seconds straight
  22. 44. "Better dead than red" but without the communism
  23. 45. "Why is nobody responding on the radio anymore?"
  24. 46. Just Lightningbolt
  25. 47. The Geneva Convention agreements are 300 years out of date
  26. 49. I have 10 syringes, 3 slabs of raw meat, 4 headdresses, and an energy drink duct taped to my person.
  27. 51. When time powers become a curse that makes you blame yourself for everything wrong.
  28. 56. When you want to race, but you want to make giant mechs too.
  29. 57. "The nostalgic one, or the new one?" -Everyone
  30. 58. chop, mine, rail, repeat.
  31. 61. Wait, why does this video have that character that died in the first game?
  32. 63. The most tactical shooter ever. And by tactical, I mean under-barrel grenade launchers and anti-material rifles.
  33. 66. Your friends just give you a false sense of security
  34. 69. Cute spirit saves and escapes diverse zones
  35. 71. Competitive Tetris
  36. 73. Which one of us is the one trapped?
  37. 74. Hi! Why? Hi? Wait! Thanks! Thanks! Hi...
  38. 75. "I know something is going to go horribly wrong, but I don't know what, or when." - Everyone who plays it
  39. 76. *cursed bgm and bleating intensifies*
  40. 77. When god says "Seventh time's the charm"
  41. 81. "I deserve this"
  42. 83. *Insert meme quote #5**Insert meme quote #9**Insert meme quote #111111*