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Video Games

  1. 2. a series of first-person shooters with RPG elements with distinct plots and settings, spacious environments to explore and room for various approaches to combat
  2. 6. a series of urban fantasy JRPGs taking place in modern settings, derivative from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise
  3. 7. an RPG trilogy based on a famous fantasy book series
  4. 8. a dilogy of action RPGs reminiscent of Dark Souls but in a futuristic setting
  5. 11. a free-to-play first-person arena shooter comparable to Overwatch
  6. 12. a legendary puzzle game about falling 4-piece blocks
  7. 14. an india roguelike 2D action game where you can only go downward - and most of the time, can only shoot downward as well as
  8. 15. a franchise of real-time strategy games that has evolved to include many other media and a highly popular MMORPG
  9. 18. a famous indie action-adventure with minimalist visuals and emphasis on gravity control; the easiest spelling in this entire crossword
  10. 19. a pioneer of the first person shooter genre
  11. 22. a classic Sony Japan Studio action-adventure game, originally released for PlayStation 2
  12. 23. an action game series especially famous for tasking the player with aassin duties only to allow them to circumvent said duties entirely, influencing the story and the world around accordingly
  13. 25. a famous Japanese visual novel adapted into an anime series and movie
  14. 26. a procedurally generated 2D open world building game with platforming and action elements
  15. 28. a famous Nintendo franchise starring a space bounty hunter that helped shape and mainstream the action-adventure genre and a certain side-scrolling division of it in particular
  16. 29. a free-to-play sci-fi third-person action game with distinct design, gameplay and lore, taking place all over the Solar system
  17. 31. a series of humorous point'n'click adventure games mainly taking place on a fictional planet
  18. 32. a driving simulation game series that challenges you with handling big vehicles in the wilderness of Eurasia and/or North America
  19. 33. a classic PC action puzzle that inspired numerous successors from Sparkle to Luxor
  20. 34. a series of postapocalyptic RPGs evolving from the earlier top-down entries to the first-person later ones
  1. 1. a classic longrunner franchise of humorous mainly turn-based battles among the absolute last creatures you would ever expect to wield all the weapons they wield therein
  2. 3. a series of crazy cooking-themed games with a focus on co-op
  3. 4. a 2D action RPG inspired by Mexican culture and wrestling themes
  4. 5. a charming Playstation exclusive 3D platformer set in a world completely made of paper
  5. 9. a survival horror game dilogy with an arguable emphasis on chase sequences and indoor parkour
  6. 10. a franchise of 2D action puzzle games involving a set of characters in a similar way to Blizzard's classic The Lost Vikings
  7. 13. a series of hectic but bloodless multiplayer arena shooters from Nintendo
  8. 16. a famous game designer's classic series of turn-based strategy games allowing you to lead a nation through many eras of human history
  9. 17. a series of western RPGs that had a massive influence on the development on the RPG field as a whole and is often credited with inspiring a lot in the Japanese RPG genre overseas, including the latter's console pioneers
  10. 20. a action-adventure game series of PC origin that focuses on spellcasting via real-time combinations of basic elements
  11. 21. a PlayStation horror RPG, not as widely known in itself but paving the way for the comparatively more famous Shadow Hearts games
  12. 24. a vampire-themed franchise that has gone through several distinct gameplay eras one of which also boasts a massive impact on the development of side-scrolling action-adventure and roleplaying games
  13. 27. a free-to-play 2D fighting game somewhat reminiscent of Super Smash Bros
  14. 30. a recent acclaimed roguelike action RPG rooted in Greek mythology