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Video Games

  1. 2. A third person combat role-playing game, kwown for its difficult gameplay
  2. 4. A multiplayer open-world game, developed by Rockstar
  3. 7. Multiplayer pirate game in which you cooperate with each other
  4. 8. A first person puzzle-platform video game, developed by Valve, where you use a gun to create portals
  5. 10. A 6v6 sci-fi team-based first person shooting game
  6. 13. A game that is made up of blocks, use your creativity to build and survive
  7. 15. Exclusive arcade driving for Xbox
  8. 16. A 3rd person shooting game, a treasure hunter who travels the world
  9. 17. Classic game where you run around a maze, eat cherries and avoiding different color ghosts
  10. 18. A murder mystery type of game available on mobile and computer
  11. 22. A fighting game where you can fatality people
  12. 23. An Xbox exclusive first-person sci-fi shooting game, similar to call of duty
  13. 24. A first person battle royale shooting game made by Raven Software
  14. 25. You survived a plane crashed and are stuck in a forest, your objective is to find your son
  1. 1. A music rhythm game where you use a guitar-shaped controller, released in 2005
  2. 3. Open world survival adventure game, on a planet with only water
  3. 5. Team-based sci-fi battle royale shooting game made by Respawn
  4. 6. Post apocalyptic survival game where people have to stay in bunkers
  5. 8. A role-playing game where you collect animals and use them to battle
  6. 9. Soccer game but with cars
  7. 11. Classic puzzle game where block shape fall from the sky and stack
  8. 12. First person shooting game with 64 people in one lobby
  9. 14. Mario game where you can create your own levels
  10. 19. Japanese crossover fighting game by Nintendo
  11. 20. You play as a hacker in a open world game
  12. 21. Classic first-person shooting, you fight demons and undead