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video games

  1. 3. more powerful than a console and uses mouse and keyboard
  2. 6. the best selling console ever made
  3. 7. the system shaped like an x on a box and was kind acreepy but brought Microsoft to the gaming market
  4. 9. could peak performance at 1.84 teraflops and had a redesigned controller from the last generation, featuring a touchpad
  5. 10. the home console made by Nintendo that completely flopped
  6. 12. featured Xbox Live
  7. 13. just a purple cube with two people riding on a kart as a time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. 14. most powerful console today
  9. 15. doubled the performance and pixels of the nes and brought all-new exclusives to the Nintendo brand
  10. 16. can be played on tv, handheld, and handheld modes
  11. 17. brought Nintendo into the gaming market with selling points like Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt
  1. 1. started sony in the video gaming market and was a huge success
  2. 2. used motion controls for everything
  3. 4. comes with controllers with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback
  4. 5. the first PlayStation handheld
  5. 8. marketed as a all-in-one entertainment system and discontinued with the series s and x
  6. 9. it brought online for the first time ever on a PlayStation
  7. 11. the xbox series x but less powerful
  8. 17. was the first to pioneer 3D games