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Video Games

  1. 1. A long sharp weapon made of metal.
  2. 5. A tool you use for calligraphy.
  3. 6. An expert in a skill (noun) or to become an expert in a skill (verb).
  4. 7. The artwork and images in a video game.
  5. 8. A sword that is sharp on both sides.
  6. 11. The measure for the amount of skill your character has in a video game.
  7. 12. A wooden pole Shaolin Monks use to fight.
  8. 13. Things you do in a video game to level up.
  1. 2. The weapon Doris' favorite character uses.
  2. 3. An ancient Chinese music instrument called the Qin.
  3. 4. The different people within a video game.
  4. 6. A person that goes into solitude usually for religious meditation and enlightenment.
  5. 9. A long weapon that consists of a pole and a sharp edge on one end.
  6. 10. A long thin musical instrument that you blow into to make music.