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Video Games

  1. 2. A game where you develop your character
  2. 4. A famous games character. He is a plumber and he wears red
  3. 6. A kind of game which can help us learn
  4. 7. A place where people can go to play online games together
  5. 9. A games platform made by Sony
  6. 11. A machine we use for typing. Can also be used to control a game
  7. 13. A kind of game with lots of shooting and explosions
  1. 1. What the game looks like. Could be 3D or 2D
  2. 3. A very popular game in China
  3. 5. A game that friends and family can play together
  4. 8. A kind of game where you punch and kick your opponent
  5. 10. Something we can use to play games which we usually carry with us
  6. 12. A machine which can be used to control a game