Videogame Genres

  1. 3. Games where the players are given the role of king/leader with the objective to expand territory.
  2. 5. Games where the player practices a real-life activity.
  3. 10. Games that focus on puzzle-solving and obstacle runs.
  4. 12. Fast-paced games that have a mix of vibrant visuals and a punch of adrenaline rush.
  5. 14. Very broad genre where the players usually explore fantasy worlds with their own custom characters.
  6. 15. Difficult games where the players restart from the beginning if they lose.
  7. 16. Players often feel defenseless in these atmosphere focused games.
  1. 1. Games that require fast reflexes, good hand-eye coordination and quick reaction time.
  2. 2. Story-driven games with a narrative style of literature.
  3. 4. Games that involve vast storylines, jam-packed action, exciting visual and huge open-worlds.
  4. 6. Popular games known for being difficult and challenging.
  5. 7. Games where only the last one standing wins.
  6. 8. Games that are usually designed to simulate real-world activities.
  7. 9. Games where the players need to think and use the resources handed to them to complete the levels.
  8. 11. Games where two teams fight each other to destroy the enemy's base.
  9. 13. Genre that has a high skill ceiling and is generally played one on one.
  10. 17. Music-themed games that challenge the players' sense of rhythm.
  11. 18. Players need to reach the finish line before others in order to win.