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visual arts

  1. 3. AND SHADOW using brightness and darkness to make the work look real
  2. 6. the type of art, and the materials used (paint, watercolor, clay, collage, photograph, piano, dance, drama, etc.)
  3. 9. the unique characteristics of a voice or instrument
  4. 10. LIFE the use of objects that cannot move as the subject of art
  5. 11. the artist’s personal and unique touches to the art and the medium
  6. 13. how the elements of a work of art are arranged and put together
  7. 15. the creator of art
  8. 16. the idea and/or the opinion the artist is trying to express
  9. 18. create mood
  10. 19. the arrangement of shape and structure
  11. 20. the geometry of the composition
  12. 22. ARTS works of art that are presented to an audience and involve live or recorded human actions to be appreciated (drama, dance, music)
  13. 24. the “school” of art the work falls into (realism, cubism, modern, idealism)
  14. 26. an orderly arrangement of elements that is pleasing
  15. 28. the length of repeated sounds and silences
  16. 30. COLORS colors that produce a cool feeling: green, purple, and blue
  17. 31. steady pulse of music
  1. 1. the use of something in a work of art that represents something else on a higher level
  2. 2. the parts of the whole design (line, color, shape, form, texture, light and shadow, rhythm, beat, harmony, movement, and voice)
  3. 4. the quality that identifies the structure, feel, and/or appearance of elements
  4. 5. ARTS works of art that are created to be viewed in order to be appreciated
  5. 7. happening again and again
  6. 8. a quality item that stands out above others
  7. 12. the steps and movements of dance
  8. 13. pigmentation other than black, white, or gray
  9. 14. a set of characteristics used repeatedly
  10. 17. COLORS colors producing a warm feeling: red. yellow, orange
  11. 20. a painting, drawing, or art form with a primary subject of natural scenery
  12. 21. a likeness of a person or people as the subject of a work of art
  13. 23. blank areas used to create an effect
  14. 25. combination of various elements to create a pleasing combination
  15. 27. characteristics of spatial form, appearance, and features
  16. 29. the expression of emotion in a work of art
  17. 32. the product of using skill and creativity to make something of beauty