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Visual Arts Concepts

  1. 3. what an artwork is made out of
  2. 7. physical description of the artwork (not iconography)-size, material, colors, shapes, tones, etc.
  3. 9. wooden board for mixing colors; choice of colors
  4. 10. the color and quality of the surface of a sculpture
  5. 13. red, orange, yellow
  6. 15. a wheel of colors, such that the primary colors are equal distance from each other
  7. 16. general category of painting based on subject matter
  8. 17. blue, blue-violet, blue-green
  9. 18. how pure the color is
  10. 19. colors opposite one another on the color wheel
  11. 20. red, blue, yellow
  12. 21. to create a sculpture by carving away from material
  1. 1. the assemble a sculpture by adding material
  2. 2. objects that are closer are larger
  3. 4. empty space around the main forms; it is part of the composition
  4. 5. things in the distance appear hazy, blurry, blue/violet
  5. 6. using lines to create the illusion of 3D
  6. 7. the story/the meaning, and symbolism depicted in a realistic image
  7. 8. colors made by mixing primary colors
  8. 11. arrangement of shapes
  9. 12. the illusion of where you, the viewer, is in relation to what is depicted
  10. 14. the illusion of 3D on a 2D surface