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Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 01

  1. 2. Diana wanted her stolen engagement ring back not just because it was ______, but because her husband chose it with love.
  2. 6. Using his feet for ______, Jack was able to kick himself to the surface of the pool.
  3. 8. Compared to a full blown earthquake, a ______ is so weak that you will probably not even feel it even if it shook the road you were walking on.
  4. 9. When my back went out, I walked stooped over in a ______ for nearly a week.
  5. 10. Since the New Year, a ______ of attacks on schools has left the entire country concerned.
  1. 1. Because I am a vice-president of my company, there is no way I can share such a ______ presentation with the board.
  2. 3. Two ______ vehicles were purchased for half a million dollars so that the heiress could ride in style.
  3. 4. The man filed for citizenship as a means to avoid a possible forced ______.
  4. 5. Although I usually enjoy the writer's books, he did not impress me with his ______ biography about his childhood in Maine.
  5. 7. ______, the celebrity seemed to be hiding from photographers by wearing a disguise.