Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 11

  1. 2. believable; trustworthy (e.g. As a member of the jury, I didn't find the witness testimony ______ so I disregarded it.)
  2. 4. made less responsive or less sensitive (e.g. Children can become ______ to aggression when they play violent videogames.)
  3. 6. pertaining to a peacock (e.g. As the rain began to come down, the woman's rainbow-colored umbrella lifted over her head with a ______ effect.)
  4. 7. being suave and sophisticated (e.g. The suave man's ______ made him a shoe-in with the young ladies as well as their mothers.)
  5. 8. exercising its own authority (e.g. While a few people believe Mexico is a part of the United States, it is actually a ______ country with its own government.)
  6. 9. a representative symbol, such as a trademark or logo (e.g. The show requires everyone to wear a shirt that sports the ______ of their company so that people can network more effectively.)
  1. 1. useful; practical (e.g. The woman's husband was not a good cook, but was ______ around the house when things needed to be fixed.)
  2. 2. a seat that a person sits in that usually has a back and four legs (e.g. Plopping down in the ______, the man prepared to relax and watch TV from his recliner.)
  3. 3. an exciting or dangerous experience (e.g. Setting off on an ______, Peter Pan hoped to avoid any pitfalls that would put him in the hand of Captain Hook.)
  4. 5. exceedingly happy (e.g. The couple was ______ when they found out they were pregnant after being unable to conceive for years.)