Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzle Set 15

  1. 3. infected or contaminated with disease-causing organisms (e.g. After the wound became ______, it started oozing pus and turned green.)
  2. 5. one who strongly appreciates beauty, art and music (e.g. The ______ obtained box tickets to the opera.)
  3. 8. something that crosses the Atlantic Ocean (e.g. The exchange student was exhilarated as she took her first ______ flight from New York to Moscow.)
  4. 10. to shake or clatter (e.g. Aftershocks from the earthquake were strong enough to ______ the china in the kitchen cabinet.)
  1. 1. related to the act of giving or spreading out (e.g. The ______ center is in charge of getting all of the products made at the factory out and into the stores.)
  2. 2. becoming popular again (e.g. The ______ team was becoming more and more popular with every step they took towards the playoffs.)
  3. 4. a tool with a particular use, especially in a kitchen or house (e.g. The only thing needed to seal the deal is a writing ______ to sign the check.)
  4. 6. an elevated platform used as a stage (e.g. The mayor and the governor will sit on the ______ until it is time for them to speak.)
  5. 7. requiring careful thought and deep consideration (e.g. I thought you were joking about how much weight you've lost, but now I can see that you were ______.)
  6. 9. strongly desirous and determined to succeed (e.g. The professor has an easy time controlling his class because the students are ______ about their studies.)