VSV crossword

  1. 3. Suburb of VSV.
  2. 4. The ability to understand and share the experiences and feelings of another.
  3. 5. Treating the feelings, opinions, wishes and rights of others with, as much consideration as we would have them treat our own.
  4. 6. The ongoing process of development and improvement.
  5. 9. In 1911, pupils at VSV studied through ___________.
  1. 1. The act of working together with someone to produce or achieve something.
  2. 2. Allows children to have a say and take ownership of their work. It helps children to be a leader and make decisions.
  3. 3. Number of VSV grade levels.
  4. 7. Each of these has two terms.
  5. 8. The group that speaks for all students.