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Waihi Beach

  1. 4. A sand spit that eventually links an island to the mainland
  2. 6. Island The barrier island located to the south of Bowentown
  3. 7. The remaining piece of left after the stack has been eroded
  4. 8. Island The large island located off the coast adjacent to Waihi Beach
  5. 9. A sequence of related actions that causes a change in the environment
  6. 14. Factors that can affect the operation of the processes for example wind strength can have an effect on wave erosion
  7. 16. An important type of grass found on young dunes which helps to stabilise the dune
  8. 17. The erosion of the coast due to materials in the waves being flung at cliff faces
  9. 19. The bending of waves due to changes in the depth of the sea floor
  10. 20. The breakdown of rock as a result of physical, chemical and biological processes
  11. 22. creep The creeping of sand particles along the beach due to the wind
  12. 24. bar The deposition of beach materials to form a shallow offshore area usually at the mouth of rivers or harbours
  13. 27. The volcanic material that the Bowentown domes are made from
  14. 28. The removal of rock and soil due to weathering erosion and transportation
  1. 1. Change within an area
  2. 2. The black sand that is found at the southern end of the beach
  3. 3. The closest dune to the water
  4. 5. The bouncing movement of sand particles along a beach due to the wind
  5. 10. The dumping of rock along the coast to create a protective barrier to erosion
  6. 11. An area between sand dunes
  7. 12. The process over time where pioneer types of vegetation are replaced by more permanent types
  8. 13. Change over time
  9. 15. The division of a large block of land into smaller parcels for sale.
  10. 18. The movement of beach material along the coast due to a long shore current
  11. 21. The area behind the beach
  12. 23. Prevailing wind direction at Waihi beach
  13. 25. Landforms that result from processes
  14. 26. A coastal barrier often constructed from concrete or wood designed to protect the coast from erosion