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Warrior Cats

  1. 4. I was mauled by dogs,and never became a warrior.
  2. 6. I was the mother of ThunderClan's leader when the series began.
  3. 8. My jaw is a distinguishing mark.
  4. 10. I am Firestar's nephew.
  5. 11. I was driven mad by heartbreak.
  1. 1. I retired early due to being blinded.
  2. 2. I plotted to kill my leader out of ambition.
  3. 3. I was leader of WindClan for most of the series.
  4. 5. I was murdered by Clawface.
  5. 7. One of the three?As it turns out,I wasn't one.
  6. 9. I wasn't cut out for clan life,so I left to live in a barn.