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Warrior Cats!

  1. 1. Who could see dead cats and was always made fun of?
  2. 4. Which SkyClan cat lost their hearing?
  3. 6. Who is the current leader of ThunderClan?
  4. 8. Who made a deadly promise with Mapleshade?
  5. 13. Wing Besides Clear Sky, who had a crush on Bright Stream?
  6. 16. True or False: Mothwing was a warrior before becoming a medicine cat
  7. 18. Who was supposed to be RiverClan leader, mother of Frostpaw?
  8. 21. Who can walk in dreams and is one of The Three?
  9. 23. Who thought they were part of the Three?
  10. 25. Who was Spottedleaf’s mentor as a warrior-apprentice?
  11. 27. Who did Bristlefrost have a crush on?
  12. 28. Who left their Clan to become a kittypet?
  13. 29. Who got rejected by Blazefire?
  1. 2. Who got murdered by their own son?
  2. 3. Who took over Bramblestar’s body?
  3. 5. Who’s name was once Red?
  4. 7. Which ShadowClan medicine cat got visions from the Dark Forest?
  5. 9. Who can hear from far away and is one of The Three?
  6. 10. Who was Ivypool’s mentor in the Dark Forest?
  7. 11. Who had a crush on the EVIL Tigerstar?
  8. 12. Which cat did Jayfeather try to save from drowning?
  9. 14. Who is Thornclaw’s mate
  10. 15. Who killed Bluestar’s mother, Moonflower?
  11. 17. What is the name of Sunfish and Beetlenose’s son?
  12. 19. Who failed his assessment two times?
  13. 20. Who is Tigerstar’s tortoiseshell daughter?
  14. 22. Who left their Clan to be with Tigerstar in ShadowClan?
  15. 24. Who can go into battle and not have a single scratch on them?
  16. 26. Who did Mapleshade have kits with?