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Warrior Cats

  1. 2. white she-cat with silver patches filled with gray tabby stripes and used to be trainee of the Dark Forest
  2. 6. dark brown tabby tom with a patch of white on his chest and icy blue eyes
  3. 9. tortishell and white daughter of Millie who put her aside when Briarlight was injured ex Dark Forest Trainee
  4. 10. small black tom witha single white paw in the front left and a purple collar with dog teeth in it
  5. 11. spunky she-cat with a sandy pelt and sharp tounge
  6. 13. brown tabby tom who I dislike
  7. 15. silver she-cat former mate of Graystripe
  8. 18. brown she-cat who spine was broken when a tree fell upon her
  9. 19. gray tom with a love for food and two mates one dead
  1. 1. blue she-cat with a silver muzzle who went insane after Tigerstar betrayed her
  2. 3. evil leader of ShadowClan, dark brown tabby with kinked tail
  3. 4. small ginger tabby she-cat who used to be a rouge
  4. 5. golden tom with a lion like neck fur and is often described as a gary stu
  5. 7. purple she-cat with orange eyes and a black star on her forehead leader of TunderCaln
  6. 8. brown tabby tom who is evil
  7. 12. silver and gray tabby she-cat who is the current mate of Graystripe
  8. 14. orange tom with kittypet blood and prophecies surrounding him
  9. 16. black tom with white paws and a white tail tip and fears that led him to leave his clan
  10. 17. dusky brown she-cat who never wanted a mate