Warrior Cats

  1. 4. Dark brown tabby tom; cast out from his Clan and became the leader of ShadowClan
  2. 8. Old blind tom; killed by a fallen tree
  3. 9. Pretty tortoiseshell she-cat; Could have been Firestar's mate if she hadn't died
  4. 12. Ravenpaw's mate; farm cat
  5. 13. Grey tom with a darker grey stripe on his back; One of Firestar's closest friends
  6. 14. Son of Princess, taken in by Firestar and joined ThunderClan
  1. 1. Cloudtail's mate; Only one of her eyes can see due to a dog attack
  2. 2. Black tom with a dash of white on his chest; had to leave the Clan because Tigerclaw threatened him
  3. 3. Brown tabby she-cat paralyzed in her hind legs; Almost died in the same tree fall that killed Longtail
  4. 5. Blue-grey she-cat, once the leader of ThunderClan
  5. 6. Cranky old she-cat, an elder alongside Longtail; Killed by a Dark Forest cat
  6. 7. ThunderClan leader who was once a kittypet; taken in by Bluestar
  7. 10. Ginger tabby she-cat; Firestar's sister and Cloudtail's mother
  8. 11. Firestar's mate; died trying to find SkyClan