Warrior cats

  1. 3. Fernsong and Ivypools daughter
  2. 5. can be described as a very wise, old white owl, who is killed by Bone.
  3. 7. He caught Pinestar being fed by Twolegs.
  4. 8. His name is also Tigerstar
  5. 11. golden tabby shecat who found the blazing star from dawn of the clans
  6. 13. She has three kits called Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit
  7. 14. his mate is killed by Brokenstar and hes pretty sad, then he is later killed by badgers
  8. 15. This Shecat killed Ashfur
  9. 17. He has been temporarily deputy three times
  10. 18. He is a small black cat with one white paw and ice blue eyes.
  11. 20. A medicine cat who is exiled by the imposter because he stood up for Jayfeather.
  12. 21. is a big, dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws,and amber eyes.
  13. 24. Reincarnate of Jay's wing
  14. 29. she trains in the darkforest because hse is jealous of dovewing
  15. 30. the imposter, He is a ghost now
  16. 31. she stays behind in the old territory with speckletail and two riverclan elders.
  17. 33. Firestars second apprentice
  18. 34. he falls through a frozen lake and drowns
  19. 36. Paralyzed by a falling tree
  20. 37. Onestar and smokes son
  21. 38. she runs away, has kits, Tigerheart joins her, she returns to the clans and joins Shadowclan.
  22. 41. The mediator
  23. 42. He is kidnapped by Willowshine
  24. 44. Twigpaw and violetpaws father
  25. 47. the shadow clan cat that participates on the journey to find midnight.
  26. 48. white wind clan medicine shecat with 3 kits from dawn of the clans
  27. 49. Hangs out with longtail in the elder's den.
  1. 1. sacrificed herself to save Violetpaw against Darktail
  2. 2. the oldest warrior cat, 16.6 years old, look it up.
  3. 4. He predicts the eclipse
  4. 6. he starts a rebellion in Windclan and is killed by a tree.
  5. 9. Jake and nutmegs son
  6. 10. He goes on a journey with jake to revenge his father sandgorse.
  7. 11. He frees Bramblestars spirit from the dark forest
  8. 12. Dustpelts mate
  9. 16. FireHearts first apprentice.
  10. 19. He is killed at the bone hill protecting the other halfclan cats.
  11. 22. Leafstar named Stormheart after this shecat
  12. 23. she dies in a rockslide.
  13. 25. is killed twice by Bramblestar, making him vanish forever, also he tries to kill Firestar.
  14. 26. He is appointed deputy by Harestar
  15. 27. He was named Boris before he became a Skyclan warrior
  16. 28. Darkstripe tries to kill her with deathberries.
  17. 32. He is tricked by Mapleshade
  18. 35. the shadowclan leader who drowns in the greatstorm, giving Rowanstar leadership.
  19. 39. Tawnypelts mate
  20. 40. cinnamonpaws mentor
  21. 43. He makes and alliance with Rootspring and Shadowsight in the afterlife
  22. 45. her kits die in the river after being banished from her clan.
  23. 46. was the first Stoneteller of the Ancient Tribe and befriended Jayfeather/Jay's wing.