Warrior Cats Herbs

  1. 1. Used to prevent tooth decay.
  2. 4. Leaves and Roots should be consumed to stave off fevers. Seeds and leaves should be consumed by the nursing Queen to increase available milk. Should never be used dried, only green.
  3. 5. Used to strenghten weak eyes.
  4. 7. Leaves may be chewed and applied to wounds that are clear of infection to speed healing. Roots help strongly with rat bites.
  5. 8. Used to sooth the throat. Particularly good for smoke inhalation.
  6. 11. Used to help cure bellyaches.
  7. 12. Berries ease the stomach and can serve as a counter poison. Leaves are used to ease coughs and other respiratory problems.
  8. 13. Reduces swelling and prevents infection when chewed and applied to a wound. May also be chewed by a cat with a toothache to reduce pain, swelling, and aid in preventing complications.
  9. 16. Should be consumed to calm the anxious cat and help with shock.
  10. 17. Leaves, flowers, and Stems should be eaten together to remove worms. leaves may be chewed to relive joint aches.
  11. 20. Leaves and Flowers should be consumed to relieve chills. Leaves and Petals can be chewed and placed on wounds to prevent infection.
  12. 22. Bile from the liver of the common mouse may be harvested and used to force stubborn fleas and ticks off of a cat.
  1. 2. Leaves can be used to reduce fever, in addition to being consumed to aid against colds and stomach ailments.
  2. 3. Leaves and Flowers can be used to help and coughs. One of the only cures for green cough and white cough.
  3. 6. Use the gel inside of leaves to cure skin problems or burns.
  4. 9. Used to ease infection.
  5. 10. Entire plant should be consumed to induce vomiting.
  6. 14. Berries, or any other part of the plant, when consumed will kill the cat who swallows if they are not given immediate help, and even then they may not always be saved.
  7. 15. Leaves and Flowers may be consumed to sooth a cat and add to their physical strength.
  8. 18. Used when healing broken bones.
  9. 19. Seeds can be consumed to remove pain and aid in sleeping.
  10. 21. Gathered and pressed into wounds to stop bleeding.