Warrior cats

  1. 4. Ivypools sister,one of the three,can see and hear things very far away
  2. 6. Firestar's friend, the leader before onestar, changed his deputy from mudclaw to onewhisker on his dying breath
  3. 7. leader before mistystar, ambitious, brave, loyal
  4. 8. one of the three, can walk in other cats' dreams,medicine cat
  5. 9. one of the three,can´t be hurt in battle
  1. 1. first skyclan leader after cloudstar
  2. 2. Bright orange tom ,thunderclan,brave,kind,wise
  3. 3. tabby tom with a scar across his face, evil, once thunderclan
  4. 5. Spyed on the dark forest cats in her dreams,risked her life to save the clans during the great battle