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Warrior Cats by fan

  1. 3. who made Firestar go to the gorge?
  2. 5. where was Redtail murdered?
  3. 7. how many lives did Bluestar have left when Firesar came to the forest?
  4. 9. in which book did Bramblestar lost his first life?
  5. 12. who saved the clans with fire?
  6. 13. Brightheart's warrior name given by Bluestar
  7. 14. why did the Clans leave the old forest?
  8. 15. in which book did Hollyleaf and Lionbaze become warrirors?
  9. 16. who did Firestar fight when he first joined ThunderClan?
  1. 1. Rootpaw's warrior name
  2. 2. the clan that flies in trees
  3. 4. what animal led Mothflight to Moonstone?
  4. 6. what is the group name for the cats who raised Tree?
  5. 8. what did the lake barn cats call humans?
  6. 10. who found the stone hollow for ThunderClan beside the lake?
  7. 11. in which book did Squirrelflight discovered she was expecting kits?