Warrior Cats Crossword

  1. 4. i had the blood of four different clans, but I do not walk in StarClan. The cat I loved, took two mates after me, yet could not find a happy future with either of them. Who am I?
  2. 6. i died for kits, and again for him. I once loved a cat, who now walk in the dark. Who am I?
  3. 8. i died from an unknown illness. The daughter of my daughter was exiled by my daughter’s grandson. Who am I?
  4. 9. with the help of an insect, I found a stone and became well known. I was mates with a medicine cat who was once a rogue. Our kits, were in different clans. Who am I?
  5. 11. i fell in love, and was exiled. I now walk in the dark, swearing revenge. Who am I?
  1. 1. the sister of my mate has a missing eye. I had 6 kits, though 3 of them die. Who am I?
  2. 2. we played in the dark, watched by ancient eyes. I was a leader, of a clan dark but not evil. Who am I?
  3. 3. i see but cannot see. Once in a tribe, now in a clan. Who am I?
  4. 5. the son of my mate was once my lover. I betrayed him, and he killed my father. Who am I?
  5. 7. i was exiled by my own apprentice, then became a leader without a ninth live. Who am I?
  6. 10. i saw something I shouldn't have saw. What I saw, was against our law. Cats tried to steal my home, but I fought them off with the help of old friends. Who am I?